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A summary of the legal options for homeschooling in every state. Organizations. Homeschool organizations in your neighborhood or across the world ...
Products to partner with you in homeschooling your children.
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How Many Hours Did it Take You to Homeschool? (Interview) In this interview with my wonderful homeschool mom, I ask how long it took to homeschool each day. Of course, this will be different for different families, but you ...
What People Say To Homeschool Moms… What people say to homeschool moms all the time. Can you relate? # shorts #homeschoolmom #homeschooling.
Our Kindergarten Homeschool Routine & How to Plan a Homeschool Year Tinkering with your daily homeschool routine? Are you looking for some tips on planning your homeschool days for kindergarten? What about planning your ...
First Week of School (homeschool) | Andi Manzano Reyes Hey guys. It's the first week of school for the girls and it was...... STRESSFUL. Hahaha! But the girls adjusted well and I am still going thru the process of learning ...
Homeschool Testimonial by Higgins Family | British Curriculum "Filbrit is the ideal homeschooling program for the education of our children..." ~ Phillip Higgins Meet Jacob and ...
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What to do with all those great leftovers the day after having a big turkey? This year, before piling them on a plate and heading for the microwave, consider showing your child how to turn them into a savory hot dish that's on everyone's list of favorite comfort foods: turkey potpie.
The Reality of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child Imagine an Air Force mom, serving her country on a month-long deployment, who learns that her daughter has been secretly removed by local authorities, claiming the child has been “abandoned.” Children begin mandatory sex-education at the age of four, regardless of their family’s opinions, [...]
A Child-Centered Society The Netherlands and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child If you could choose any country in the world in which to raise your child, which would you choose? You might be inclined to choose the comforts of the United States or Britain, the charm of European mainstays like France and Germany, the [...]
According to an August 16 story from The Hartford Courant, Hartford  (Connecticut) hopes to stem a wave of teen crime by reviving a curfew law already on the books.  Authorities believe the 9:00 pm deadline for minors under 18 to be off the streets will reduce crime, though many residents express doubts.  And teens with [...]
As Ronald Reagan used to say when debating political opponents, “There you go again!” It would be appropriate to say the same thing to the state of California, who is doing its best to undermine the vital role parents play in the lives of their children. While everyone’s attention has focused on the recent court case In [...]
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