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Home of Mary Pride's Practical Homeschooling magazine and homeschooling community. Large number of articles, news, online experts, up-to-date events list, ...
A summary of the legal options for homeschooling in every state. Organizations. Homeschool organizations in your neighborhood or across the world ...
Products to partner with you in homeschooling your children.
Providers of a complete, eclectic, classical approach, Pre-school through 12th grade curriculum for home educators with a reformed Christian world view.
Homeschool Curriculum for the Best Homeschooling
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How Many Hours Did it Take You to Homeschool? (Interview) In this interview with my wonderful homeschool mom, I ask how long it took to homeschool each day. Of course, this will be different for different families, but you ...
What People Say To Homeschool Moms… What people say to homeschool moms all the time. Can you relate? # shorts #homeschoolmom #homeschooling.
Our Kindergarten Homeschool Routine & How to Plan a Homeschool Year Tinkering with your daily homeschool routine? Are you looking for some tips on planning your homeschool days for kindergarten? What about planning your ...
First Week of School (homeschool) | Andi Manzano Reyes Hey guys. It's the first week of school for the girls and it was...... STRESSFUL. Hahaha! But the girls adjusted well and I am still going thru the process of learning ...
Homeschool Testimonial by Higgins Family | British Curriculum "Filbrit is the ideal homeschooling program for the education of our children..." ~ Phillip Higgins Meet Jacob and ...
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Joanne discusses homeschooling, getting your children into college, setting up a dual credit program with your community college, the Andrea Yates situation, and the Homeschool Honor Society Eta Sigma Alpha.
When you have only one child in a sea of families with many children, how do you cope? How do you adjust the lesson plans? Donna C, author of Homeschooling Only One shows you how to adjust and adapt in the homeschooling world.
We talk with Tricia Smith Vaught about Pre School, both in the home, and the laws that are sweeping the country to force people to enroll their toddlers.
Patsy and Doug Arnold, founders of Texas Special Kids, discuss how to bring your special needs children home, the challenges of homeschooling a special needs child and the rewards and resources available to help parents.
Join the Homeschooler Next Door as we sit with Jessica Hulcy, founder of the KONOS curriculum. Having 4 boys to teach Jessica quickly found that she needed more than seat work. Listen and learn how this innovative lady turned her need into a curriculum for thousands.
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