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Indpendent Baptist Church Web Portal
Home of Mary Pride's Practical Homeschooling magazine and homeschooling community. Large number of articles, news, online experts, up-to-date events list, ...
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homeschool changes for the new year + homeschool update (sonlight, gather round, bible) Hey friends, in this video I am sharing about some big changes I'm making in our homeschool for the new year. I'm updating our ...
Detailed Flip Through Of Our Bible Curriculum | Answers Homeschool Edition Hi friends ! A very detailed flip through the pages of our new Bible Curriculum homeschool edition from Anwers in Genesis. l I ...
How to Plan for Homeschool When There is ALOT of Curriculum || Homeschool Planning  ||  Plan With Me This week upcoming week is a must plan kind of week. We are adding so many new moving parts there is no other way I would be ...
Happy New Year!|| Homeschool Plans Show and Tell New Years resolutions? Goals? Anxiety? This is what's going on in my brain! Focus on Him and His Power! This months Playlist ...
70+ Homeschool Conventions with Links! Are you looking for new ways to engage your kids in learning? Get out your calendar and find which of the 70 homeschool ...
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Change is coming.  No, I’m not talking about Barack Obama or John McCain (and aren’t you glad!).  I’m talking about big changes in the works here at ParentalRights.org. With Election Day tomorrow, voters across the country will choose not only a president, but the 111th Congress.  Once that happens, we will get to know the new [...]
TRENTON, NJ — Hundreds rallied at the New Jersey Statehouse on Thursday, October 16, to protest a new state law adding four more vaccines to the state’s list of mandatory inoculations, already the longest such list in the nation.  Various reports estimate the crowd of parents and children at 300 to 500, gathered to draw [...]
… but I am back. It’s been a hectic month — two 26′ UHauls full of stuff, packing and unpacking, a 30 year High School reunion in Florida, and a series of snafus at my new job that prevented me getting access to a computer for almost two weeks. Throw in some record [...]
From Fox News Sunday yesterday: (CHRIS) WALLACE: And, finally, Senator Biden — finally, we’ve got about 30 seconds left, but I can’t let you go without some politics. As we’ve mentioned, you’re in South Carolina right now, on the campaign trial. Thirty seconds or less, what kind of a chance would a Northeastern liberal like Joe [...]
Here’s a new take on the story of the Good Samaritan: The Good Samaritan is walking down the road and cares for a stranger who has been beaten and robbed, [NC Democractic Rep David] Price said. The next day, on the same road, another person has been beaten and robbed. So it goes for another week [...]
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