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Products to partner with you in homeschooling your children.
Providers of a complete, eclectic, classical approach, Pre-school through 12th grade curriculum for home educators with a reformed Christian world view.
Welcome to FacesofValor.com! Valor! A little word with big meaning. The United States Army defines valor as "heroism performed under combat conditions". ...
Christian homeschool directory combined with lessons and worksheets with a focused support to the Bible.
Resources, curriculum reviews, guidelines, and forums for nonreligious homeschoolers.
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Parent Testimonial: Fit Online Homeschool Program One of our parents shares her son's transformative experience with our Homeschool Program.
How to learn to type faster & with less stress #typingskills #homeschool #techteacher #ai #typing Teach employees, students, and learners productive touch-typing computer keyboarding skills. Because it is the skill that makes ...
Homeschool Summer Plans 2024 || 4th Grade Homeschool Plans for the Summer As year-round homeschoolers, we have the flexibility to rotate with the seasons, and summer is no different. Our homeschool ...
Is your homeschool getting the most important thing right? It’s not academics… But first, Save & Share with a friend who needs to see this. Follow me @homeschoolmasterygroup for more everyday ...
EXPO Hall - Largest Homeschool convention in the World FPEA My FAVORITE Curriculum IEW: http://www.IEW.com/LivingWithEve No Consumed Ministry: ...
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Here's how to make your own irresistible trio of Polar Bear Cubs, starting with Mama Bear.
What to do with all those great leftovers the day after having a big turkey? This year, before piling them on a plate and heading for the microwave, consider showing your child how to turn them into a savory hot dish that's on everyone's list of favorite comfort foods: turkey potpie.
According to an August 16 story from The Hartford Courant, Hartford  (Connecticut) hopes to stem a wave of teen crime by reviving a curfew law already on the books.  Authorities believe the 9:00 pm deadline for minors under 18 to be off the streets will reduce crime, though many residents express doubts.  And teens with [...]
According to an August 12 report from KXLY in Spokane, Washington, the Department of Child Protective Services for nearby Colville has come under investigation after a number of parents and legal guardians complained about the department’s practices: removing children from perfectly good homes, splitting families for no apparent reason, and treating legal guardians with great [...]
Change is coming.  No, I’m not talking about Barack Obama or John McCain (and aren’t you glad!).  I’m talking about big changes in the works here at ParentalRights.org. With Election Day tomorrow, voters across the country will choose not only a president, but the 111th Congress.  Once that happens, we will get to know the new [...]
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