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Safe and Fun Site For The Whole Family!
Keys for Kids Ministries is a children's ministry organization, offering Keys for Kids, Down Gilead Lane, and much more.
Provides learning activities geared toward preschoolers. Includes teaching tips, story stretchers, and a guide to getting started.
Homeschool science should be fun for the kids and easy for the parents.
Memorize Math Facts Fast and Easy!
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Organizing Our Open Ended Homeschool Supplies Building a shelf, filling baskets, and making it accessible for my 6 kids to use whenever they want! #homeschooling #unschooling ...
Ep. 158: Why I Homeschool with Wendy Zanders Although today's guest is a declutter coach and has been featured as a guest on the podcast before, she's here for a completely ...
Bowling Activity for Kids  #homeschool #classroomideas #teacher #learnthroughplay #parenting #school A fun classroom idea from @arda.and.the.quads For questions about the video or content, don't hesitate to reach out to us directly ...
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According to an August 12 report from KXLY in Spokane, Washington, the Department of Child Protective Services for nearby Colville has come under investigation after a number of parents and legal guardians complained about the department’s practices: removing children from perfectly good homes, splitting families for no apparent reason, and treating legal guardians with great [...]
Patsy and Doug Arnold, founders of Texas Special Kids, discuss how to bring your special needs children home, the challenges of homeschooling a special needs child and the rewards and resources available to help parents.
-by Mimi Rothschild Strategies for Teaching All Your Children Together Probably most of us have had days when we think it might be better for us as homeschooling parents if we just had a set of twins. Then we could do one lesson for all our kids, instead of hopping back and forth from one to another. On [...]
Help your kids have a colorful closet with these fun hanger crafts from FamilyFun.com.
-by Mimi Rothschild When you go to cut your Christmas tree, send the kids around to gather up a good sack of pine cones as well. Use them for some fun, hands-on lessons. Make a pine cone bird feeder.  This is a satisfyingly messy project. Before you begin, do some research with your students to determine what [...]
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