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Timely, relevant articles on marriage, parenting, faith, entertainment, life challenges and social issues, all from a Christian perspective. Plus access to family-friendly movie reviews and news analysis.
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I'm not sure what's more astonishing: the magnificence of the universe … or our ability to be oblivious to it. I mean, when was the last time you thought about the sun? Except for deciding whether to grab a jacket, you probably don't.Did you know that the sun is so large that you can fit 1.3 million earths inside of it. The sun doesn't seem that big because it's 93 million miles away from us.The post Like the Stars in the Sky appeared first on Jim Daly.
Albert Einstein once said, “Only two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity … and I'm not sure about the universe.”Einstein's pessimism about humanity was well-founded. We see ourselves as sophisticated, intelligent, and basically good at heart. And yet the history of the world is a devastating indictment to the contrary. Humanity's potential for brutality and evil is astonishing.Secular thinkers explain our potential for evil as some ancient evolutionary mechanism we can't shake.The post Moral Realignment appeared first on Jim Daly.
One of the hardest things about life on this side of eternity is unexpected trauma. We can be blindsided by a terrible accident, a frightening diagnosis, or any number of unforeseen circumstances, experiences that can shake our faith.All of us have pondered the question of why bad things happen to good people, including those of us who seek to serve a good God. Answers to that question and others are messy and difficult by definition.The post God’s Light Amidst Grief’s Shadow appeared first on Jim Daly.
Usually when someone asks, “Do you know who I am?” it's an arrogant celebrity who's had a run-in with authorities. But when that question comes from the heart of a loving mother or father, it can draw the parent and their child closer together.The next time a conflict erupts between you and your child, ask them the question, “Do you know who I am?” You'll probably get a confused look the first time you ask it, but it's a good way to break through the tension and speak words that will strengthen your relationship.The post Do You Know Who I Am? appeared first on Jim Daly.
In June 1944, just hours before the D-Day invasion, General Dwight Eisenhower wrote two speeches. The first was to be delivered to his troops if the invasion succeeded. The second, if it failed.Fortunately, that second speech was never needed. The Allies prevailed, and Hitler's Nazi regime soon toppled.But Eisenhower's handwritten words, preserved in his presidential library, offer a fascinating look at his humble leadership. After praising his troops' bravery, Eisenhower took full responsibility for the invasion's failure.The post Humble Leadership appeared first on Jim Daly.
Does one single vote have any power?If you doubt that it does, you've probably never heard the story of Jamison Shoemaker. In 1836, he cast one single vote that set off a chain reaction of political moments that changed the course of our nation's history.Shoemaker, an Indiana farmer, was so busy working his fields that he forgot it was Election Day until a neighbor reminded him. Shoemaker got to the polls just before they closed.The post One Single Vote appeared first on Jim Daly.
For children to build their self-confidence, they need opportunities to succeed on their own. But that can't happen if parents overprotect their kids from every risk.A few years back, my son Trent and I visited Yosemite National Park, and we got the chance to rappel down a 180-foot granite cliff called the “Prowl.” Trent isn't usually much of a daredevil, but when our turn came, he didn't hesitate. He gave me a big grin and over the edge he went.The post Building Blocks for Self-Confidence appeared first on Jim Daly.
The Great Chicago Fire of 1871 was one of the largest disasters in American history. In popular accounts from the time, Catherine O'Leary's cow kicked over a lantern in a barn. The small flame became an inferno that destroyed miles of homes and burned Chicago's business district to the ground.More recently, in 2018, the Ranch Fire in California became the largest wildfire in the state's history, killing a firefighter and burning over 410,000 acres. It was caused by a single spark from a hammer that someone was using to drive a metal stake into the ground.The post No Empty Words appeared first on Jim Daly.
Dr. Kevin Leman says strong-willed children are given a bad rap. We want to raise our kids to be strong-willed. When the world tells them, “Believe this,” or “Do that,” we want our children to know right from wrong and to have the strength of conviction to stand for it.What we don't want to raise, Dr. Leman says, is what he calls a “powerful child.” Powerful children have an agenda. They want to win, to control, and to dominate.The post Practical Advice for Parenting Powerful Kids appeared first on Jim Daly.
Previously published in the? Washington? Examiner:? Make no mistake – parents will play a major part in this year's midterm elections, which may well upend current dynamics and potentially recast the direction and priorities of the nation.? Throughout our nation's history, mothers and fathers have served as something of a bellwether in America. Political elites may jockey and joust with one another, often behind closed doors, but their policies are felt and then ultimately received or rejected by the families whom they affect.The post Parents Are Fed up with Their Children Being Culture's Casualties appeared first on Jim Daly.
“And? the King will answer them,? ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these? my brothers,? you did it to me'” (Matt. 25:40).When we act on behalf of “the least of these,” it's the same as ministering to Christ himself. With this in mind, Christians have a clear command to care for children.On our Focus on the Family Broadcast “Unleashing the Possibilities for Children in Foster Care,” we're recognizing November as National Adoption Month in the U.S.The post Unleashing the Possibilities for Children in Foster Care appeared first on Jim Daly.
You and I are up against a world full of lies that distort what's really true.That distortion is illustrated in the classic fairytale The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen. In the story, the devil creates a magic mirror that distorts everything it reflects. One day, students of the devil attempt to carry the mirror into heaven so they can mock God and his angels. But the higher the students ascend, the more the mirror shakes … until, finally, they lose their grip.The post Bits of Magic Mirror appeared first on Jim Daly.
Is happiness in marriage attainable?A lot of couples don't think so.Author Kevin Thompson says, “Absolutely!”The catch is that couples can't make happiness the goal. Happiness is the byproduct of an even greater objective. Connecting at a soul level. “And the two shall become one flesh” (Matthew 19:5).How?By working through challenges together.Kevin's grandparents were happily married for 70 years. People often suggested that they were “lucky” to achieve that success.The post Laughing, Loving and Lasting With Your Spouse appeared first on Jim Daly.
If you have a teenager who's not working a job, the question is, “Why?” Working a job will bring out qualities in your teenager that you won't always see from them at home.When teenagers work – whether it's scooping ice cream, working the drive-thru at a fast-food place, or cashiering at a grocery store – they're developing valuable life skills. They'll learn to submit to authority and to handle responsibly when they're in charge. They'll learn how to serve others and to be accountable for their choices.The post Get a Job appeared first on Jim Daly.
Relationships are the most rewarding experiences this side of heaven. But any relationship can present challenges. And when they do, the best approach for restoring peace and harmony is boundaries.God himself demonstrated why and how to create boundaries. He gave Adam and Eve just one: Don't eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil (Genesis 2:17). It communicated four important ideas about relationships:Boundaries define and protect freedom. God's boundary protected Adam and Eve for their own good.The post Setting Boundaries in Your Most Difficult Relationships appeared first on Jim Daly.
What's your ideal image of the perfect parent?Is it a mom pulling fresh-baked cookies out of the oven right as her children come home from school?Is it a dad in the yard with a couple of baseball mitts and a ball, inviting his son to come out and play?Or maybe you imagine someone who's never too busy, who never raises their voice, and who never gets annoyed or distracted.Authors Brandon and Analyn Miller remember a season of their parenting when nothing seemed to get them closer to their ideal vision of parenting despite access to an abundance of advice and parenting resources.The post Identifying Your Strengths as a Parent appeared first on Jim Daly.
“Every Election represents a referendum on the past and present as well as a projection of the hopes and dreams for the future. While results are still coming in and many questions remain as of this Wednesday morning, it’s clear to me that our charge as Christian citizens remains strong.? ? “We are people of love and hope, and we have a responsibility to share Christ’s Good News with our family, neighbors and co-workers. We must demonstrate these Gospel principles by our actions and our speech.The post Jim Daly Statement on Midterm Election Results? appeared first on Jim Daly.
Most self-help advice focuses on the future – on what will be. Set goals. Plan ahead. Dream of where you wish you were instead of where you are.Those are great ideas but let me share just one word of caution: don't focus so intently on your future that you forget to be engaged right here, right now. This moment may never come again.The importance of appreciating the moment is illustrated in the life of Wally Pipp, a man you probably won't recognize unless you're a major league baseball historian.The post Appreciate the Moment appeared first on Jim Daly.
On this Veterans Day, I would like to pay tribute to a dear friend, a former longtime Focus on the Family board member, and a remarkable man who embodies the motto of the Marine Corps, Semper Fidelis – “Always faithful.”Tony Wauterlek, now 85, served for five years as a captain in the United States Marine Corps. A pilot with the 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing, he flew jet fighters between 1960 and 1965.? It might surprise you to learn that until Tony signed up to serve following his graduation from the University of Illinois, he had never flown in an airplane.The post Veterans Day 2022: Honoring My Friend & Marine Corps Captain Tony Wauterlek? appeared first on Jim Daly.
Today, on a special Veteran's Day edition of our Focus on the Family Broadcast titled “Honoring America's Veterans,” we're raising the flag in honor of those military families who paid the ultimate sacrifice so that you and I might celebrate freedom.Every American, regardless of your political or social views, owes a debt of gratitude to the generations of military personnel who have helped secure our freedom and keep it for nearly 250 years.The post Honoring America’s Veterans appeared first on Jim Daly.
Happy Thanksgiving!The Bible has a lot to say about giving thanks. We're encouraged to “give thanks to the Lord” (1 Chronicles 16:34), to pray “with thanksgiving” (Philippians 4:6), and to receive God's provision “with thanksgiving” (1 Timothy 4:4). We're also told that our generosity in Christ stirs up responses of thanksgiving in others (2 Corinthians 9:11), spreading gratitude for God outward.Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on the blessings the Lord has given us and to express our gratitude for His bountiful grace and mercy.The post Reflecting on Our Blessings at Thanksgiving appeared first on Jim Daly.
With the economy still troubled and unemployment figures struggling to right themselves, thankfulness may be in short supply for many Americans this year. The early Pilgrims encountered extreme hardship as well. But their response is instructive.The Pilgrims' effort to colonize America was fraught with challenge from the moment they stepped foot on the Mayflower. The journey across the Atlantic Ocean took 65 days in cold, damp, and miserable conditions. A number of the passengers became ill, and one person died before they reached the shore of their new home.The post A Day of Thanks appeared first on Jim Daly.
As you read this today, you may have a prodigal child who is in trouble, or in danger. They're seemingly lost in bad friends, bad choices, and bad consequences. Your other children feel left behind in the wake of their sibling's chaos. And you're questioning where you went wrong.Few things are as painful as children who turn away from their family and the values they were taught. The deeper the pain, the harder hope is to find.The post Removing Barriers Between You and Your Prodigal Child appeared first on Jim Daly.
I'm an extrovert. I love to talk. But some people run into brick walls at the end of the day. They drag themselves into the house each night, and dread what's coming: their spouse asking, “How was your day?” Their mind goes blank, or they groan at the thought of having to explain everything that happened at work.Most couples need more than a simple reminder to talk more, they need a plan. So, here are a couple of practical ideas you and your spouse can put into practice tonight.The post When the Talking Gets Tough appeared first on Jim Daly.
You want people to like you. We all do. Disapproval from others is not comfortable, so most of us put our best foot forward in ways that we believe others will approve. The Bible also instructs us to guard against selfishness, to sacrifice our own desires on behalf of others.But when do we cross the line between serving others and becoming a “people pleaser”? Discerning between what's healthy and unhealthy is murky for many people, which is why we've invited our good friend Dr.The post Making Helpful Changes in Your Communication appeared first on Jim Daly.

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