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Timely, relevant articles on marriage, parenting, faith, entertainment, life challenges and social issues, all from a Christian perspective. Plus access to family-friendly movie reviews and news analysis.
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On our Focus on the Family Broadcast �Trusting God That Hope Is on the Way,� our guest, Dove and Grammy Award-winning Christian alternative and rap figurehead TobyMac, is sharing his journey of faith, family, and music, and encouraging listeners to find hope in God through difficulty, loss, and tragedy.TobyMac has suffered plenty of all three. His oldest son Truett, an aspiring rapper, died tragically at age 21 in 2019 after a drug overdose.The post Trusting God That Hope Is on the Way appeared first on Jim Daly.
Sexual intimacy in marriage can be complicated.Many couples' physical relationships are centered around one central question: What makes me feel good? Even couples who avoid self-centeredness often feel disappointed with their partner's shortcomings. There are also physical changes, medical issues, and emotional challenges that interrupt our lives from time to time. As we get older, the realm of sex changes drastically within a marriage relationship.Which can leave couples with a lot of questions.We've got answers.The post Answering Questions About Sex in Marriage appeared first on Jim Daly.
Abby Johnson describes God's mercy as �fierce� � that is, His mercy is marked by unrestrained zeal, intensity, and highly determined activity.Abby experienced God's �fierce mercy� after working for eight years as an employee and clinical director for Planned Parenthood. God transformed her life in 2009 when Abby assisted with an ultrasound-guided abortion. She watched in horror as a 13-week baby lost its life to the abortionist. In that moment, the scales fell from Abby's eyes, and she realized the ugly reality of abortion.The post Experiencing God�s Mercy After Leaving the Abortion Industry appeared first on Jim Daly.
��to love and to cherish, till death do us part.�Couples often recite vows like this at their wedding. But no sooner do they walk the gauntlet of flying rice afterward than the word �cherish� begins to fade from their vocabulary. They don't mean for it to happen, but the months and years go by, they settle into the daily routine of life, and they wake one day with a marriage that's missing something deeper and more satisfying.The post Cherish Your Spouse, Change Your Marriage appeared first on Jim Daly.
Author Elisa Morgan remembers the day she heard a loud crash somewhere in the house and discovered her three-shelf hutch had fallen from the wall and shattered her late grandmother's antique china collection into pieces on the floor. The worst part was realizing that she could do nothing to fix it.As she swept up the broken shards, other moments came to mind when something precious to her shattered beyond repair.The first time was when she was five years old, and her parents announced their divorce.The post Restoring the Broken Pieces of Our Lives appeared first on Jim Daly.
Instilling virtue in our children can be pretty serious business. After all, the adult world is a competitive place, and we want kids to be prepared.Unfortunately, the desire to raise our children can lead to harsh standards that smother them. At report card time, a nearly straight-A student may be asked why they didn't get that one grade a little higher. Or a teenager who displays the slightest sign of irresponsibility may get a 15-minute lecture.The post Fun Ways to Instill Virtue in Your Children appeared first on Jim Daly.
When Easter comes around every year, many people think of chocolate, colored eggs, and strange looking rabbits carrying baskets.As Christians, we know there's a lot more to the story � Jesus' triumphal parade, His last supper with His disciples, His brutal death on the cross, and His bodily resurrection.The events surrounding the Easter story can evoke a complicated mix of emotions � sadness and joy, anger and gratitude, fear and trust. These mature themes can be challenging for adults to process.The post Inviting Your Children into the Easter Story appeared first on Jim Daly.
It's not easy for a single mother to raise a son. It's even more difficult when that son has autism.Emily Colson can attest to both. Her husband walked out when their son Max was just 18-months old, saying he couldn't handle the stress.And there was a lot of stress.Max's autism was so severe that, for a time, Emily couldn't leave home with him � not to the grocery store, not to friends' houses, not to church.The post Seeing God Through my Son�s Autism appeared first on Jim Daly.
Yesterday at Focus on the Family, our staff came together for our Maundy Thursday chapel, a special time for reflecting on our Lord's final hours before ascending Calvary to shed His blood on our behalf. Today, our offices are closed in honor of Good Friday.Some of my non-Christian readers may not understand the meaningful symbolism ascribed to Jesus and His sacrifice on the cross. They see Jesus as a wise prophet, a good man, or a great teacher in a long line of equals to be imitated as we would any other great person.The post Jesus: The Lamb of God appeared first on Jim Daly.
Forgiveness is one of the most powerful forces in the world.So, why is it so hard to do?Because, while we want mercy for ourselves, we want others to be held accountable.Jesus told a story about a servant who owed the king a substantial debt of 10,000 talents.? For reference, one talent was roughly equivalent to a year's wages. A debt of 10,000 talents, then, meant the servant was hopelessly trapped in his miserable circumstances.The post Forgiveness, Not Vengeance appeared first on Jim Daly.
A father told psychologist Michael Anderson, �You wouldn't believe what my daughter has become. Ninety days ago, she was an A-student. She was in the church youth group and did anything we told her to do. Now she's smoking and drinking, shoplifting, and does anything her friends tell her to do.�Michael responded, �The only thing that has changed is who your daughter is listening to.�In working with the family, Michael knew that the father had never encouraged his daughter to think for herself, only to follow instructions.The post Rethinking Your Parenting Strategies appeared first on Jim Daly.
Few things in life are as good as we think they are.Believe it or not, there's even a scientific term for that phenomenon called the Better-Than-Average Effect. In short, our tendency is to think of ourselves more highly than we ought to.We don't sing as well as we think we do.We don't eat or exercise as healthy as we should.We minimize our addictions.We downplay our depression.We believe that our marriages are healthier than they are.The post Breaking Bad Habits in Your Life appeared first on Jim Daly.
Once more, innocent children have become casualties in the ongoing cultural revolution.The state of Oregon recently prohibited Jessica Bates, a mother of five, from becoming certified as a foster care parent.Why?Oregon's Department of Human Services requires foster parents to �respect, accept and support the race, spiritual beliefs, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression, disabilities, national origin, cultural identities, immigration status and socioeconomic status of a child or young adult in the care or custody of the Department.�As a Christian, Jessica told state officials that she respects everyone, but that she believes �God gives us our gender/sex and it's not something we get to choose.� In other words, she cannot in good conscience support any effort to try and change one's biological sex.The post Oregon Discriminates Against Christian Adoptive Parents appeared first on Jim Daly.
What does intimacy look like in a thriving marriage?Pronounce the word �intimacy� a little differently, and the answer becomes clearer. Instead of saying, �intimacy,� say, �Into me, see.�The idea is that healthy couples �see into� each other's hearts. They discover each other's likes and dislikes, put each other's needs above their own, and seek to better understand each other's perspectives.To create intimacy that will sustain your marriage across a lifetime, weave the following three virtues through every part of your relationship:Always be honest with each other.The post See Each Other appeared first on Jim Daly.
From growing up dirt poor to becoming reality television superstars, Phil and Kay Robertson, of A&E's Duck Dynasty, have experienced more than 50 years of ups and downs together.Their first years as a couple were marred by poverty and alcohol abuse so severe that, at one point, Miss Kay kicked Phil out of the house. Their future together looked bleak.What transformed them and their relationship? According to Phil: repentance.He says:�We look at the word �repent' as a bad thing.The post Hunting for Hope and Happiness appeared first on Jim Daly.
As you know, the much-welcomed reversal of? Roe? last June has set in motion an avalanche of pro-abortion legislation and ballot initiatives, including in our home state of Colorado.I had an opportunity to weigh-in on a particularly grievous series of bills passed in the Centennial State and signed by our governor. My original article appeared in? Newsweek last week. I've updated the piece to reflect the fast-moving nature of the subject matter.? Colorado Governor Jared? Polis? Signs Bill Prohibiting Lifesaving Care of Innocent Pre-born Children? By: Jim DalyFor many years now, pro-abortion advocates have attempted to perfect the art of using soft words to describe dark deeds, and nowhere more regularly or dangerously than in my home state�s General Assembly.? Last month, pro-abortion zealots in Colorado introduced a series of three bills, all of which have been signed by Governor Jared Polis.The post Colorado Governor Jared? Polis? Signs Bill Prohibiting Lifesaving Care of Innocent Pre-born Children appeared first on Jim Daly.
Opposites attract. With a little communication, those differences usually can be navigated. But sometimes it's differences in communication itself that are the problem.Authors Bill and Pam Farrel offer a simple word picture to illustrate the distinction between how men and women communicate: Men are like waffles; women are like spaghetti.Ladies are the spaghetti. The noodles run in random directions, and they all seem to touch each other. That's a visual for the way women easily jump from one subject to another within a conversation.The post Waffles and Spaghetti appeared first on Jim Daly.
There's a saying that every parent should give their children two gifts: roots and wings.The days and weeks after our children leave home to carve their own path through life may feel uncomfortable for us, but our pain is actually a good sign. It indicates that we have a strong connection with our children and that their absence matters to us.The challenge is not allowing our sadness to get in the way of our children stepping forward into life.The post Finding Your Purpose in the Empty Nest Years appeared first on Jim Daly.
Parenting is the toughest job in the world.Why?For one thing, you never truly master parenting. By the time you make sense of one stage of your kids' lives, they've already moved on to the next. One minute you're a Ph.D., the next minute you're starting from scratch in �Parenting 101.�Parenting is also tough because you can never resign or retire. From toddlerhood to adulthood, your role as a parent will change, but parenting itself never really ends.The post Toughest Job in the World appeared first on Jim Daly.
The desire to be popular, pretty, or admired by other people starts early for girls.Beauty and body image are now common concerns for girls as young as 10 years old. By age 17, 78% report feeling unhappy with their bodies.My wife and I didn't have the privilege of raising daughters, but Jean can attest to struggling with feeling comfortable in her own skin as a teen girl.Truth be told, Eve was the first and only female to experience God's love and acceptance while living in an environment free of competition with or comparison to anyone else.The post Helping Your Daughter Embrace Her Inner Beauty appeared first on Jim Daly.
When you ask couples which areas of life influence their marriage the most, children and finances are usually number one and two on the list. You may be surprised to learn that chores rank third.How can something as simple as housework fuel conflict in a marriage?Not long after the wedding, couples become focused on household tasks that matter to one spouse but not the other. The next thing you know they're locked in a power struggle over who does more and who works harder.The post Avoiding the Chore War appeared first on Jim Daly.
Scripture calls us to care for the vulnerable. Except for a child in the womb, no one is more vulnerable than a child without a family.Adoption and foster care represent a deeply meaningful journey, yet adoptive and foster families face unique stressors, including insecure attachment issues, trauma responses, and service agencies who don't provide sufficient training or support.How can you help?Authors Jon and Dawn Stone are with us on our Focus on the Family Broadcast �Foster Care: Making a Difference During the Formative Years� to share a concept called �missional fostering,� which includes coming alongside children as a church community and connecting families with the resources they need to raise their children to thrive.The post Foster Care: Making a Difference During the Formative Years appeared first on Jim Daly.
Mom and Dad, are you a tugboat or a rudder?You can tell by the way you motivate your children. Tugboat parents get their children going the right direction by pushing and pulling them through life. There's a lot of nagging, mild threats, and endless warnings against the consequences of bad choices.I think every parent has done that. I know I've grabbed the rope and started to pull when one of my boys hasn't made a good decision.The post Finding Better Ways to Communicate with Your Children appeared first on Jim Daly.
Does belief in God really help us survive tough times?Millions of believers around the world say yes. And so does research out of Notre Dame and Ohio State University, which examined the role of faith in overcoming life's hardships. The study drew a strong correlation between a lack of religious faith and what is known as �death by despair� � death caused by suicide or by drug or alcohol overdose.? Researchers found that people who claim no religious faith are much more likely to seek an escape from life's hardships through unhealthy means, sometimes tragically so.The post Death By Despair appeared first on Jim Daly.
Years ago, author and speaker Dannah Gresh inexplicably struggled with physical pain. Doctors tested for a number of problems, including cancer and lupus, but couldn't identify the issue.Her troubles continued until her counselor asked if Bob, her husband, was being faithful to her, suggesting that a woman's body can sense when their husband is mentally, spiritually, and sexually distant.When Dannah confronted Bob about her suspicions, he denied that he was struggling with sexual integrity.The post Finding Healing for Your Marriage appeared first on Jim Daly.

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