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Timely, relevant articles on marriage, parenting, faith, entertainment, life challenges and social issues, all from a Christian perspective. Plus access to family-friendly movie reviews and news analysis.
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Today's broadcast has me thinking a lot about one of my favorite verses in the Bible. In Romans 2:4, Paul tells us that it's “God's kindness that leads us to repentance.” That verse reminds me of how I ought to conduct myself toward others.Kindness is a fruit of the Spirit – an expression of God's nature through us – and one of the most powerful tools for Christians who wish to act as the hands and feet of Jesus to the world around them.The post Changing Your Marriage Through the Power of Kindness appeared first on Jim Daly.
Strong-willed men are usually held in high esteem. They're viewed as bold leaders who live with conviction.Strong-willed women, on the other hand, are often characterized as “bossy” or “controlling.”Author Cynthia Tobias says that strong-willed women are trail blazers. Strong-willed women:God doesn't want to rid women of their personalities. He wants to direct their strong wills and use them for His purposes. When women submit themselves to the Lord, He can channel their strength into transforming their marriages, influencing their children in the right direction, and seeing God's kingdom advanced in whatever other ways the Lord chooses to use them.The post How a Strong-Willed Woman Can Be Used by God appeared first on Jim Daly.
“Mayday! Mayday!”You recognize that distress call, don't you? Even children have a rough idea of what it means. And the fact that they do reveals something important about effective communication.The “mayday” distress code was designed to be simple and easy to understand. It was created in 1923 by Frederick Mockford, an airport radio officer in London, after his boss challenged him to devise a distress code that would easily be understood by pilots and ground staff in an emergency.The post Better Ways to Communicate with Your Spouse appeared first on Jim Daly.
Wednesday's vote in the Senate regarding the “budget blueprint” for a proposed $3.5 trillion spending spree next year raises far more questions than it answers, and especially for Christians concerned with a disregard for life and religious freedom.If you've considered the ongoing debate these last few weeks to be confusing, join the club.On Tuesday, the Senate passed a $1.2 trillion “infrastructure” bill that is purportedly designed to fund roads, bridges and trains. Yet, tucked inside that bill are dollars for salmon recovery, as well as increased food and beverage services on Amtrack.The post How Long Would it Take You to Spend $3.5 trillion? appeared first on Jim Daly.
Kyle Poulson was eight years old when he was told that he was adopted – a moment that became an anchor in his life. He felt blessed to grow up in a loving family with faithful Christian parents who wanted him.Kyle's adoptive father died in 1995. Before his adoptive mother passed away in 2016, she encouraged Kyle to find his birth mother, a process he began in February of 2017. Because the records were closed, he ran into dead end after dead end and thought he might never find his birth mother.The post How God Reunited a Birth Mom and Her Son appeared first on Jim Daly.
Self-rejection is dangerous.Author Henri Nouwen once said, “The greatest trap in life is not success, popularity, or power, but self-rejection. Success, popularity, and power can indeed present a great temptation, but their seductive quality often comes from … self-rejection.”Self-rejection usually begins as a lie communicated to us by others. Over time that message weaves itself into our lives and infects every relationship we're in, including our relationship with God.I'm sure you remember the moment when certain lies took root in your life.The post Overcoming Rejection to Live in God's Love appeared first on Jim Daly.
There's a buzzword in culture that supposedly reveals the secret to a happy marriage.“Chemistry.”Successful relationships, we're told, ultimately boil down to two people who naturally share common beliefs and interests, without effort.Obviously, the more points of agreement between a husband and wife, the better. But in God's economy, the secret to a thriving marriage isn't in a couple's similarities, but in how they handle their differences.The same differences that so powerfully draw couples together when they're courting or dating often drive them apart in marriage.The post How Differences Strengthen Your Marriage appeared first on Jim Daly.
The scenes coming out of Kabul, Afghanistan this past week are deeply disturbing, and on so many levels. Recent reports suggest women and children have been attacked and killed in the aftermath of the Taliban's return to power. One woman was gunned down for not wearing a burka.The oppression comes in various forms.Dozens of photographs show workers painting over massive street advertisements featuring women. Not because they are sexually suggestive or immodest, but simply because they are unapologetically women. Literally, women are being erased this week in Afghanistan. The majority of the world looks upon such things as misogynistic and patriarchal, or at its worst, a return to an oppressive stone-age. This is the polar opposite of human progress. And it stands in direct contrast with the influence Christianity has upon the status of women. Remove the belief system that unquestionably substantiates that both men and women are created in the image of God, and this is what remains. A culture where womanhood is erased is inhumane and should be challenged in the strongest voice. But radical Islam isn't alone in erasing women. In the most sophisticated centers of today's culture, so-called “people of science” erase women in equally dramatic fashion. The academic journal Breastfeeding Medicine released a new position statement, authored by eight medical doctors, informing medical professionals that the proper protocol is now to utilize “desexed language” when referring to the natural feeding of babies by their mothers. Words like, “breasts” is to be replaced with “chests”, “nursing mothers” are now “lactating persons” or “human milk-feeding individuals,” and “birthing people” is preferred over “mothers.” Does anyone find this disturbing and perplexing? Just weeks ago, journalist Katie Herzog wrote a widely circulated piece based on first-hand accounts explaining how professors at leading medical schools now “sincerely apologize” to their medical students for simply implying that only women can get pregnant. “Why would medical school professors apologize for referring to a patient's biological sex?” Herzog asks.The post What the Taliban and Woke Culture Have in Common appeared first on Jim Daly.
Author Lee Strobel believes that family is the answer for today's children to become “the greatest generation that has ever lived for Jesus Christ.”He has strong evidence to back up that claim. Researchers at the University of California at Santa Barbara conducted a landmark multigenerational study concluding that parents are fundamental in passing down religious beliefs to their children.In addition, the study affirmed that having a close bond with one's father is the single biggest influence in a child's life.The post Leaving a Legacy of Faith for Your Children appeared first on Jim Daly.
One of America's greatest freedoms is the right to worship God.The 1st Amendment of the Constitution reads:“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”Sadly, many of the freedoms assured us by the 1st Amendment are threatened or challenged in the culture.The post Loving Others While Standing By My Beliefs appeared first on Jim Daly.
Fire can cook you a juicy steak. Or it can burn your house to the ground. The difference lies in how well you harness the power of fire.It's the same with a strong will. There is a lot of good that comes from having what LeRoy and Kimberly Wagner describe as a “fierce” personality. But a strong-will gone wild can also wreak havoc.If a woman isn't in control of her strength, she can emasculate her husband.The post Loving and Leading Your Strong Woman appeared first on Jim Daly.
We sat around the living room, trying to be productive while facing death. The date was Wednesday, October 28, 2020, and tomorrow would be my Mother's long-awaited funeral. Her cousin, Andy Cook, a highly respected minister, was asking me and my family rapid fire questions about her life as he prepared to deliver the eulogy.The conversation was like reopening an old wound. Mom had died six months earlier on April 19th, after a battle with cancer.The post GUEST POST: The Hope of Heaven: Lessons Learned After my Mom's Death appeared first on Jim Daly.
It all started with a simple but big idea:“Show the world the baby!”That was the message I shared with our Focus team back in 2019, when we made the decision to perform a live ultrasound of a pre-born baby in the middle of New York City's Times Square.Back in January of that year, then New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and his legislature had celebrated the expansion of abortion rights in their state. And when I say “celebrated” – I mean it.The post Join us LIVE in Dallas on Saturday for See Life 2021! appeared first on Jim Daly.
Several years ago, wildfires swept through an area not far from the Daly home. We were forced to evacuate.Emergencies can strike any of us at any time. We're never promised an easy life without worries. Where you live might be susceptible to wildfires, hurricanes, or tornadoes. And we all face the risk of job loss, chronic or terminal illness, or the death of a loved one. How we react to these situations is what's important.The post Preparing Your Family for Any Life Situation appeared first on Jim Daly.
If your schedule looks anything like mine, then you are busy! Our world is fast paced. We're booked solid with work, family, and obligations to our church and community. Keeping up takes constant effort and makes finding margin difficult.A positive first step is recognizing that moments of rest are just as crucial to a healthy life as productivity. Even God the Father took time to rest (Genesis 2:2). So did Jesus (Matthew 14:23).The post Learning to Say No appeared first on Jim Daly.
While most of us slept, Texas Senate Bill 8 went into law early Wednesday morning – legislation that protects innocent life from the point of a detectable heartbeat, or about 6 weeks gestation.Abortion advocates had appealed to the Supreme Court to block the new law. As of this writing, though, the High Court has not acted on the motion. I was in Texas this past Saturday night, hosting Focus on the Family's See Life 2021 event in Dallas.The post For Now, Life Wins in Texas! appeared first on Jim Daly.
More than 70,000 Americans died from drug overdoses in 2019. According to The Wall Street Journal, that number was 30% higher in 2020.Numbers like that are the latest sad statistic from a culture of drug abuse that broke into the open in the 1960s and 1970s. The cost of illegal drugs in terms of crime, lost work productivity, and the impact on the health care system is estimated at $200 billion a year. To that figure, you can add another $80 billion from prescription drugs.The post Offering Hope to Families Experiencing Drug Addiction appeared first on Jim Daly.
Focus on the Family has been unashamedly pro-life since our inception 44 years ago. The affirmation of human life is one of our foundational principles, and I pray that however long the Lord allows our organization to exist, it will remain so.You and I have an important part to play individually as well. Voting for pro-life candidates and supporting ballot initiatives is a good start. Yet, we often wish women with unplanned pregnancies, “Good luck,” from a safe distance.The post How You Can Join the Pro-Life Movement appeared first on Jim Daly.
Do you know your “why”?People often begin a spiritual journey with these questions:“How will I serve God?”“Where will I serve God?”“When will I serve God?”“What will be required of me when I pursue God's will for my life?”However, God's purpose for your spiritual journey, for your work, and for your family starts with “why?”Unless you first tackle the “why” question, everything else – your finances, your background, your education, your training, your age, and so on – becomes a mountain that prevents you from moving forward.The post Finding God's Purpose for Your Life appeared first on Jim Daly.
I have strong feelings about the importance of dads being in the home. That's partly because of my experiences. I've seen the impact of fatherlessness up close and personal. My stepdad abandoned me and my siblings within hours of my mother's funeral. A few years later, my biological father died of alcoholism, and I spent time in foster care.My views are reinforced by the data. Every scientific measurement of child well-being around the globe consistently reveals that fatherlessness is profoundly harmful to children and society.The post The Importance of Fathering Well appeared first on Jim Daly.
Chad Robichaux is a “man's man.”The former special forces Marine has served eight tours in Afghanistan, tackling the most dangerous and difficult of missions in the Middle East. A Medal of Valor recipient, Chad has more than served his time and paid his debt to America.Nobody would blame him if he retired to a quiet beach or picturesque mountain town.Instead, the founder of the Mighty Oaks Foundation – a non-profit organization specializing in serving returning military personnel from Afghanistan – has slept an hour a day for the past two weeks.The post Meet the Former Marine Who Helped Save Nearly 12,000 People in Afghanistan appeared first on Jim Daly.
Most newlyweds view their marriage as an empty canvas. It's a perfectly clean, white surface where a beautiful portrait of their marriage will appear.The reality is usually quite different. Each of us enters into marriage with color already splashed across our canvas, colors that reflect a set of expectations we may not even realize we have. The influences on our marriage begin not during the dating phase or at the wedding, but with assumptions about relationships that are formed from childhood.The post Thriving in the Early Years in Marriage appeared first on Jim Daly.
Do you have a father story? For good or bad, our dads cast a long shadow across our lives. Readers of this blog likely know that my biological dad, stepdad and foster dad all let me down – and all by the time I turned 13. While the majority of people may not have suffered from that degree of disappointment, sadly, my challenges coming from a broken home are no longer that unusual. According to the most recent data, a quarter of children – or 17.4 million – live in a home without a dad. A new documentary by the Kendrick Brothers (“War Room” & “Courageous”) aims to shine a bright light on the connection between our earthly, imperfect dads and our Heavenly Father, who can ultimately meet our every need. It's called, “Show Me the Father” and it opens this Friday, September 10th. I was privileged to participate in the project, and have been praying that my story, warts and all, might minister to those who will be watching. Stephen and Alex Kendrick see the film as a calling – not simply another creative project. According to Stephen, “God said, ‘You need to make this documentary about fatherhood.' So we moved forward by faith, and we were able to connect with some of the coolest, most emotional stories about fatherhood.The post Kendrick Brother's New Film “Show Me the Father” Highlights the Fundamental Importance of our Heavenly Father appeared first on Jim Daly.
When does life begin?Can only women have children?Recent answers from liberals to both of these hotly debated questions might surprise you.In a stunning admission, New York Times correspondent Jonathan Weisman acknowledged, perhaps inadvertently, what science and common sense have long affirmed – that life begins at conception.The startling comments from one of the nation's historically liberal newspapers came in an article detailing the Democrat party's push to pass an unprecedented $3.5 million budget designed to dramatically expand nearly every area of social welfare.The post Liberal Doubletalk and the Situational Logic of the Left appeared first on Jim Daly.
John Cooper is the lead singer, songwriter, and producer for the Christian rock band Skillet. He was on tour with several popular mainstream acts when he had a conversation with one of the industry's movers and shakers that became a pivotal moment for his band and his walk with Christ.The man approached John and told him directly, “You could be the biggest band in the world. You have the look. You've got the sound. And you play the kind of spiritual music people are hungry for.The post Be a Bold Witness for Christ appeared first on Jim Daly.

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