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A Hyena's giggle is not actually laughter, but a sound of frustration.
A researcher studying how our brains work reveals the visceral environment of a lab.
A machine can beat pig's heart outside of the body
A hyena probably scavenged an ancestral human's remains.
Reports of another Montauk Monster are circulating the web.
Scientists find the genetic mutations that give rise to "bearded lady's" condition
Video nabs sperm whales thieving cod from fishing lines.
Strange ice circles in a Siberian lake come from methane emissions, experts say.
New footage of Champ, the monster said to inhabit Vermont's Lake Champlain, was recently released.
The idea of still-living dinosaurs has captured the public imagination for well over a century.
Maple seeds use tornado-like vortex to hover; same mechanism used by bats, hummingbirds.
From his balcony, a scientist photographs a storm-related flash of light.
A tropical pitcher plant feeds on an animal's feces.
Megapiranha was up to 3 feet long (1 meter) - four times a big as those living today.
Scientists refer to it as a vapor cone, shock collar, or shock egg or a Prandtl-Glauert singularity.
The sperm of one male may have to compete with those from another. How and why they do it is surprising.
An Albert Einstein robot look-alike learned to make facial expressions.
The latest furor over an inkblot test reveals flaws in an popular psychology tool.
Reports of mermaid sightings have come from the Israeli town of Kiryat Yam.
Study finds traces of cocaine on U.S. money have gone up.
Photo shows a strange half-woman, half-dog (or pig) hybrid mother nursing its young.
Lightning observed shooting up from storm, confirmed to carry electric charge from cloud.
A surprisingly large rogue wave killed a girl and pulled others into the water.
Just when you though it was safe to go in the water, these predators lurk below.
A skeleton found at an ancient Roman site in Britain just doesn't look right.

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