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Tax Day: The Grumblings of a Revolution

Tax Day: The Grumblings of a Revolution

I always thought there should be country wide protests against government on tax day -- at least until all involuntary taxation was eliminated.  

When someone suggested I attend a "tea party" my reply was something like "been there, done that... what's the point?"  True, I was a member of Young Americans for Freedom and a long-time pro-life activist, so protesting is in my blood.  But, in the last few years I have soured somewhat on street activism, at least for myself.  Then I realized that our local tea party was on tax day... tax day!  Now it made sense.

Here is my tax plank from my only run for public office some ten plus years ago:

"All involuntary taxation is equivalent to armed robbery and is immoral. I support any measure that relieves the burden of taxation from the individual and family. Furthermore, I support any tax relief measure that promotes and protects the Christian family. For example, two-parent single-income families should be exempt from state and federal income taxes. Families without children in public schools should be exempt from all property taxes. And, tax credits for children should start at conception."

So my son and I ventured out this afternoon... it wasn’t exactly Boston Harbor in the dead of night or under the threat of execution for sedition... but I was impressed with the turnout in our sleepy seasonal retirement community.  Two thousand plus patriots of diverse backgrounds.

Never have I heard so many cries against "socialism" from average folks.  A number of people came up to my son and said they were there "for his future".  The realization that he was homeschooled answered with enthusiastic "God bless you" from strangers.  And everywhere God fearing people with a true love of liberty.

I do not get the sense that these protests are just Presidential election whiplash as some would suggest -- most of the people on the street seem to realize that we simply traded one flavor of socialism for another.  The left will dismiss these protests as irrelevant and reactionary right wing tantrums.  Perhaps the left dismisses them at the peril of their own political power.  

This grassroots movement is perhaps the beginning of something far more profound and lasting, perhaps the grumblings of a revolution.

I hope my son can someday tell the tale to his grandchildren of when the tide was turned against the steady creep of collectivism and tyranny.  And, I hope it is a tale of a democratic people peaceably taking individual responsibility and flexing the machinery of republican government to refresh the tree of liberty.  Let’s all help to prove Thomas Jefferson’s adage wrong: "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it's natural manure." To paraphrase Franklin, we have a republic, let's keep it.

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