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CLEP Principles of Management

CLEP Principles of Management

Are you pursuing a business degree? Do you see yourself as an entrepreneur? Do you need to set yourself apart from other entry-level employees at work? If you said yes to any of these, maybe CLEP Principles of Management is a course for you.

The CLEP Principles of Management exam is a 3 credit Business exam that covers material taught in a college level introductory course in management and organizations. It includes operational and functional aspects of business and human resources. This was our first business exam and it proved to be a good place to start. Here are the materials we used, our study method and what you must know to pass.

Many materials are available for this course but the good news for the cost conscious collegiate is our favorites were almost all free or low cost. We purchased the REA Principles of Management Guide with the CD-ROM practice tests but found other materials we preferred.

We used:

  • Principles of Management (Cliffs Quick Review)
  • Peterson's Online Practice exams
  • InstantCert ($20 a month) plus the feedback on the InstantCert forum (priceless)
  • CLEP Official Study Guide 2009

A good study method always works in phases and this course was no exception. First we read through the Cliff's Notes Management text, made flash cards and took notes from it and the InstantCert forum and studied the InstantCert material. Next we began the practice test phase, beginning with the Peterson's tests (see the post on studying wrong answers for more details on this process) and ending with the CLEP Official test for a final exam. As soon as both students were scoring in the 60's or 70's on their practice tests we made the appointment with our local testing center. We are pleased to report that they both passed but not with the scores they would have liked. Here is their advice:

Peterson's test were by far the most helpful of all the materials. We were glad to have taken them each twice, at least.

CLEP Official was good but it was not a true indication of what would be on the test.

Be ready for 20 or more names of management theorists and their theories, some we had not encountered in our practice materials.

InstantCert was great.

Find another source, like Wikipedia or another textbook for more of the theorists.

Take notes at the testing facility during your test (they provide paper for this). Sometimes this helps with eliminating incorrect answers.

Make sure you know and understand:

1. Types of Power (reward, legitimate, coercive, expert and referent)
2. Authority (functional, line, staff)
3. Types of management structure (formal, functional, mechanistic, network, organic, team)
4. Types of teams (functional, cross-functional, self-directed)

A complete exam description can be found at College Board.

Sometimes the best part of an exam is when you are finished, and while this is partly true we learned so much about the evolution of management here in the United States, how we manage our homes, how the church is managed, how employees respond to different types of managers and how unions affect business. Having spent time in a large hospital we have new insight into how the staff was organized. I pray that the Lord uses this insight for His glory in the lives of my children.

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